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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sounds like a Grocery Store Newspaper Headline but appears to be true

A former student sent this to me, and I decided to post it because bail issues and incarceration of those involved, or suspected of being involved, in sex acts involving minors has become a major policy issue across the country. A number of children lately have been kidnapped/murdered by individuals who had been charged and served time for sexual assault incidents in the past and were on parole. In the Idaho case the accused received a $15,000 bail for an offense involving the molestation of a minor and then went on to kill three people and kidnap Shasta and Dylan; the latter is believed to have also been killed.

In this instance there is no indication of previous arrests for this person that have been released to the public. But whether or not bail should be granted to those accused of sex offenses against children is becoming a hot topic.

Did you know that the Constitution does not mention anything about "innocent until proven guilty"? The Bill of Rights simply gives protection against acts of government and enumerates rights one has after being accused in the 6th Amendment.

The Constitution also does not use the term arrest in the 4th Amendment. It requires probable cause for both searches and seizures. The United States Supreme Court determined that seizures covered both inanimate objects and humans.

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA (FOX Carolina News) - A Campobello teen is accused of raping one neighbor's dog and another neighbor's two little girls. Now the dog has died and charges against the teen have been upgraded.

After receiving word that the dog died possibly because of the rape. Fox Carolina called the Solicitor's office to see if now new charges would be filed against the teen. An hour later Solicitor Trey Gowdy called to say that the charges will be upgraded to the "most serious animal cruelty charges they have on the books."

The dog's owner Sylvia Jones says, "At first when it happened, I couldn't eat or sleep every morning I'm waking up thinking Princess is there but she's not.

Princess's little dog house is empty now. Sylvia Jones says she died of internal bleeding this past Sunday because of the rape. "The vet told me she had a little blood in her urine and that she was bleeding inside."

Sylvia says she and her husband would not have believed Cory Williamson raped Princess exactly two weeks to the day she died had they not seen it with their own eyes.

"When I got here we were laying on the deck looking at him and he had his pants down and he was doing sexual activity with the dog like a man would do to a woman."

The Jones family says Princess wouldn't eat or play anymore after the attack. "She (Princess) couldn't even sit down, her bottom was swollen sore."

Sylvia says she knows Princess was just a dog, but she wants people to know that Princess was also a part of her family. A family that now has been forever changed. "She looked so pitiful. It's sad, there was nothing I could do for her."

Neighbors worry that if Williamson is accused of raping a dog and molesting two girls in the same neighborhood, who knows what might happen next.

Neighbor Bill Johnson says, "As a community we shouldn't have to watch our kids every second they're playing. We want him out of this neighborhood."

The Solicitor's office says it wants to make sure Williamson is out of this neighborhood while he's awaiting trial on the molestation and dog rape charges so they are requesting that his bond be revoked. Williamson's bond hearing will be held next Friday.

Original posting date: 6/9/2005 11:23:04 PM EST

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