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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Celebrities and the Justice System

An article in today's New York Times raises the issue of whether the prosecutors of celebrities are held to a higher standard

June 15, 2005
Debating the Role of Celebrity in the System
The acquittal of Michael Jackson on all counts against him has prompted a debate once again of what role celebrity plays in America's criminal justice system.

It is an interesting article that you can access directly from the New York Times or from the UTA digital library (if you are a UTA student).

In a convoluted way, this case also tied into the last posting on peremptory challenges. The Jackson jury represented the community which is primarily Anglo although there were a few Hispanics on the jury as well. I heard one "talking head" comment that Jackson did not stand a chance with a jury from this area.

Once again the "talking heads" were filling airspace and making unfair comments about an American jury.

Whether a verdict is right or wrong in the eyes of any individual makes no difference. In American when the jury acquits, that is the end of the matter. When the jury convicts, it is a high barrier to get a conviction overturned.

The jury spoke and there are too many other more important matters going on to spend time and energy arguing whether or not the verdict made sense. Let's move on.